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Very difficult! 

I didn't realize you could throw the fish at first. If it was a longer game (also not a jam) I would advise ramping up a bit more gradually - for example the fish force field level doesn't really need the lasers to teach the player to throw the fish. It would still be puzzling at first without them, just less stressful.


Really fun was very hard at times! Uploaded a video about it to let you know! Great job on the jam


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Hi BCKR! I have beaten the game! It was very fun...but my heart has had enough. This was a fantastic game and recommend it to everyone. I suffered. A lot.

Here is my first video, where I did levels 1-6.

Part 2

Congrats on beating it! Glad you had fun. Thanks for playing :)


neat game, chucking fish is fun

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Absolutely fun platformer! Definitely test your thinking!

Although I might've raged a few times it's definitely worth a go!

There's lasers?! - No Fish To Die - Itchio Indie Games


I'm delighted to let you know that I featured your game again, this time in my Top 10 Games of the Week video! 


Okay, v2 is already a lot better. Now I made it to level 5. In level 4, the control panels for the turrets are quite hard to hit. Quite a few times I destroyed a fishbowl in the process. Maybe the collider can be a bit bigger. Regarding the platforming in level 5, could you implement grace jumping? The camera movement is a bit weird as well, because in the other levels the y-axis is locked. Perhaps the y pos can only change on the up/down platformers, not when you're jumping.


Simple and funny :) 


wow concept is very simple but gameplay is really great and complicated... kudos to the creator!

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!


yes it is really good game to play...


Fantastic game! Its so funny and challenging! I featured it in my video today, if you're interested! Good luck with the gamejam!

Oh wow, thank you so much!! Love the video. Keep up the great work!


I love the concept XD Really fun though really difficult at times :o

Thanks so much for playing!! Glad to hear you enjoyed it even if it's a bit tricky at times :)