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Really funny!!! Love it XD

I was looking for horror games lmao how did i find this

Uhhhh, this game was strange but also fun.

it wont work on my mac



10/10 i got severe ptsd playing this

Naked men charging at my in the shower? Quite terrifying! haha! Had quite a bit of fun with this game!

I played this game on the latest episode of my Random Funny Games series on my Youtube Channel! Check it out! 😃




See our full review here; (#12)


I gave this game a try and made a video on it... a lot of aggressive naked men came running at me, was quite frightening at points I must say... What can I say...? I threw towels at men in the showers!

Me encanta y gracias por que sea nativo linux

Game does not support MacOs Catalina. May you update it.


Beautifully crafted. I'm just glad you didn't go all out on the details...

Starts at 17:27

Such an amazing game.

Sooo...Basically are you having sex when they come near you ;-;

nice game 

please sub my channel


no why would i


how do u get more towels?

Towels will spawn around the map, either as blue or yellow. Just keep running around and you will find some eventually.

how do u get more towels?



Omg this game was so different in a great way, it was a mixture of silliness and fps. It was so much fun. It's the second game in the video.

The most fun you can have with naked old people

really funny game! i love it. i know i'm late to the party, but it's better late than never, right? here's the gameplay. i'm commenting with my native language btw. your game start at 9:58

I happened to stumble on this game through New & Popular And oh my god, I haven’t laughed or enjoyed myself thoroughly in a while!

Really love the style and feel but wish that the old men didn’t have annoying sounds. I still enjoyed it regardless!

So... wrinkly... So... old... they hang... so... low

Yep so many penis jokes.. so little time XD


They squad me with their naked bodys!


I found this game so funny, was a fun little game :D 

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This game requires lots of running  away and yeeting towels at naked old men -  I love it.


This was super funny! Thanks for making it!

Add me to the list of YouTubers whose mind has forever been warped by these blocky towel men 

I very silly game. The concept is great and it's pretty smooth to play. It gets overwhelming pretty fast so you gotta control the hordes before they get "unwieldy" 



not my video, just copying and pasting random links.

A pretty funny and weird game!
I really liked the visuals of the game. Pretty basic looking, yet so fitting and crisp looking. I don't think that the game would be so funny without this artistic choice.
The music is probably me favourite part. It so funky and groovy that it makes the whole experience much more enjoyable and funny.
Gameplay wise... well you cover the crotches of old dudes in a sauna. Pretty straightforward :P
I have to say that the game can get pretty intense. It is overwhelming to see naked old men surround you at a really fast rate xD
Overall it is an awesome short experience, that I really enjoyed!
I may be kinda late, but still I hope the best for your next projects!



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